Couple in life. Couple in style.

Ever heard the saying – there is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness? Nothing rings truer when you’re in that very happy place in your relationship. You want to be one with your partner, and you want the world to see how perfectly in sync you both are. You want to be one of those loved-up, envy-inducing couples that elicit responses like ‘wish we could be more like them’. And so, the comparisons begin…

From mega-star romances to power couples, we’ve all been guilty of looking at famous duos who we subtly but surely start emulating – whether it’s their style or the things they do together. From Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge to the Beckhams, the Clooneys, the Kardashians and more, we’ve seen them all do it. Twinning gorgeously in matching denim, or simply accessorizing in ways to look all matchy-matchy with their beau. Any why not? Couples who style together, stay together.

It’s no surprise then that we end up getting Mr. and Mrs. towel sets, mugs for him and her, or even matching pair of slippers. There’s something very sweet about feeling and looking absolutely in love. And we at Todd Moní are all about that. Because…

Twinning with boo is cute

It’s just one of those heartwarming idiosyncrasies of being in love – wanting the world to see that you’re meant for each other. Two perfectly unique people, who fit in together just as perfectly. That’s why, at Todd Moní, we’re not just building a successful marriage, but also a niche, built-with-love range of premium Italian leather bags that are perfect for both you and your partner.

All our bags are handcrafted with love, designed with passion and built for strength and functionality. The best bit – they’re perfect gifts for couples. Think weddings, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or even work milestones for your partner. They are brilliantly designed for all occasions. And right now, they’re available on even brilliant offers for you and bae. After all, it’s our mission to make it easier for you and your partner to have your own twin moments.

"We are Todd and Moní. Our aim is to make luxury designer bags, that are suitable for every occasion, but at the same time stylish, distinctive and fun to wear. It's a great pleasure for us to present to you our first collection: Bags with Character".